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The 49th JAIF Annual Conference
主辦單位 日本原子力產業協會(JAIF)
活動地點 日本東京
活動日期 2016/04/12
報名截止日期 2016/03/31

The 49th JAIF Annual Conference, a flagship event for the Japanese nuclear industry, will be held on April 12-13 at the Tokyo International Forum. Each year the Conference attracts some 1,000 nuclear experts and leaders from all over the world and provides a great opportunity for participants to share key current issues affecting the development and use of energy and nuclear power.

At the 49th Conference, participants will reconfirm the value of nuclear energy and demonstrate how to share their perspective on the value of nuclear power with the public, taking into consideration the challenges of global energy security and global warming.

Do not miss this chance to share your views and to network with other participants by registering today at (detailed program will be available by Friday, February 26).




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